Soul Care



Zero Field Chair audio system can boost immunity by stimulating the spinal cord and raising body temperature.Music flowing from this acoustic system will shake violently, conveying a big undulation like 'sounding' to the spinal cord.Just listening to music quietly warms from the core of the body, not only feeling body temperature going up, but also the mind and body are healed and refreshing.※This is not a medical device.

◽️特許 アメリカ:7771375 日本:第4907991 中国:ZL200480028157 ロシア:2401037 EPC(ドイツ・フランス・イギリス・イタリア):1683446

Patents America: 7771375 Japan: 4907991 China: ZL200480028157 Russia: 2401037 EPC (Germany, France, UK, Italy): 1683446


ハワイ、ホノルルで音響免疫療法を受けることが可能です。It is possible to receive acoustic immunotherapy in Honolulu, Hawaii.



通常視聴(1Time)USD60(Regular Price:60min)


2回券(2Times)USD100(60minx2 or 120minx1)

※2回目は1週間以内(The second time is within a week)


11回券(11Times)USD500(60minx11:11times  Ticket)

※2ヶ月以内の使用(Use within 2 months)


Special Monthly USD800(2Hx10Times)

※ 視聴予約期間は1ヶ月(Use within 1 months)




車でお越しの方は別途駐車場のご案内がありますので事前にお伝えください。If you are arriving by car, please inform us in advance, as there is a separate parking lot information.


ゼロ磁場椅子は予約制です。ご予約は👉コンタクトよりお問い合わせください。Zero magnetic field chair is a reservation system. Please contact us for reservations.


ご予約時間から15分経過でキャンセルとなりますのでご了承ください。また日程変更やキャンセルは48時間前までお受けします。Please note that it will be canceled after 15 minutes from the reservation time. In addition, we accept schedule change and cancellation until 48H.